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Corn Yield Trials

CRD Advisors has the capability to meet all your testing needs. With our large number of testing sites scattered throughout the Midwest and operating out of three stations, we can provide you with a diverse selection of testing environments. In addition, CRD is part of an expanded testing network that allows us to increase and enhance your testing possibilities in the Midwest with our preferred testing partners.


With our advanced technology, attention to detail, and expertise, we will provide you with high-quality, reliable data for all your advancement decisions. For more information, please contact our office.


2017 Research Corn Testing Sites

CRD Advisors has several fields located throughout the Midwest. If you would like more information about our current testing locations, please contact our testing managers listed below.



Sites are listed below, color-coded by testing manager.

Click on a site name to email the manager for more information.


CRD Iowa

Erin Reece


CRD Illinois

Nathan Bergschneider


CRD Minnesota

Travis Miller